Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pregnancy - Week 37

Colton is expected to arrive in 3 weeks or less. The past 9 months have flown by and I can’t believe my pregnancy is coming to an end. Each day, I wonder if this could be the day that our little boy arrives and each day when he doesn't, I get more and more anxious and excited. I absolutely cannot wait to see his precious little face and hold him and know that he is all mine (and Dave's, of course). We had our second baby shower last weekend and I've spent the past couple of days washing all of his tiny clothes, installing infant car seats and making the final preparations for Colton's arrival. We are as ready as we will ever be for him to come but as I finished packing our hospital bags and was looking at his little socks and shoes, I was faced with the reality that I don't think has sunk in yet. I'm going to be a Mommy! I'm going to be responsible for another human being, another life. Responsible for someone that can do absolutely nothing on his own. That feeling became overwhelming last night as my mom drove me to the hospital. Yes, we had our first labor scare! Around 10:15 pm my mom asked me if Colton had been moving a lot, as he usually does, and I realized that I really didn't recall him moving at all during the day. I moved into a few different positions and we started poking my belly to see if we could wake him up and get him to move. No such luck! Not even a hiccup. We left a message for the on-call doctor immediately and she advised me to come to Triage immediately. The sense of urgency in her voice startled me and I was immediately in a panic. Mom got our bags down in the stairs and in the car in less than Wonder Woman time and we were off to the hospital. I of course called Dave immediately and told him as calmly as I could to head to the hospital. Once we got there, they quickly hooked me up to monitors, etc. to monitor Colton's movement. Turns out, he must of just been in an awkward position because his movement was on the monitor but I couldn't feel him. After about 45 minutes, the nurse gave me apple juice to drink and that quickly got Colton awake and moving and, of course, gave him the hiccups. Although that was a huge relief, I felt for the first time what I will feel for he rest of my life and that is uncontrollable worry. My first glimpse into being a parent.
Today, we had our weekly exam with Dr. Griffith and although I'm not dilated at all, my cervix is soft which means Colton is getting ready and because of last night, he ordered an additional sonogram. Last Wednesday, Colton weighed 6 lbs. 15 oz. and this Wednesday he weighed 7 lbs. 15 oz. and his head got even bigger! Last week we were told that he was in the 90%tile in head size! During the sonogram, she confirmed that all of the fluids are at a normal level, that his heart beat is okay, etc. so everything is still looking good and healthy. Thank God! We go to the doctor again next Wednesday so check back for more info. on the arrival of Colton!