Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Story of How We Met

Many of you have not yet met Dave or have spent little time with him so here is the little story of how we met. Dave and I met at a little sports bar in Little Elm, Texas called Varsity. My friend Megan and I were having our usual weekly girls night and we were regulars at Varsity. My mom even said that I spent so much money there that I should be an investor. Megan had walked outside to talk to her husband and while she was gone, I noticed Dave at the table next to me playing with his IPhone. For those of you that have met Dave, you know that this is not a rare occasion. I asked him if that was the new IPhone. He said yes and I asked if I could play with it. He handed it to me and I invited him to join us at our table. He shrugged and said "sure, why not." We spent the rest of the evening talking about life, love, and our horrible luck with dating. At one point, I could tell he was torn between who he was interested in, me or Megan. I quickly let him know that she was married with two little ones. :) In my eyes, he was tall, dark and handsome (even though he was in sweats) and was easy to talk to. We closed the bar down that night and spent an hour after close standing outside the bar talking. We exchanged numbers, and went our separate ways. I had found someone that I really clicked with. But it was April 1st, April Fool's Day, so could it be true?....Turns out, Dave was a regular at Varsity too. Not only that, but he lives less than a mile from my aunt Becky, whom I used to live with. It's hard to believe we never ran into each other. Our second date was two days after we met so it was on a Thursday. We went to another sports bar in Denton called Rocky's and then went to Fry Street in Denton. We were sitting on the patio at Lucky Lou's when it starting raining and Dave and I had our first kiss. On the patio, in the rain, at Lucky Lou's. Since then, we've gone very few days without seeing each other, have gotten engaged, celebrated our one year anniversary and are expecting a little baby boy on May 19th! We love each other so much and look forward to what the future brings for our new family!